Weightage of various topics in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1) Analysis

Analysis What are the important topics/chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for IIT JEE Main 2014? What will be the weightage of Organic Chemistry this year? Shall I study more Physical Chemistry than Organic Chemistry? Algebra would be asked more, compared to Trignometry in Mathematics in JEE Main 2014? Would maximum questions be asked from Optics rather than Mechanics in IIT JEE Main 2014 i.e. Paper-1? Have you ever wondered that what will be the weightage of various topics in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1) ?

Do these questions puzzles you a lot? Do you spend major amount of your time in anticipating the important topics or sections for IIT JEE Mains 2014 for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry?

If yes, then do read our expert analysis of Paper-1 i.e. IIT JEE Main 2014. This analysis is “expected” to be followed in JEE 2014.

We have made an in depth analysis of the important topics or sections of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with the help of previous years’ papers and you can use these tables to compare with your preparation.


Expected contribution from various sections of Chemistry in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1):

 Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
           30-35%         25-30%         30-35%  


Expected contribution from various sections Mathematics in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1):

 Algebra Coordinate Calculus Trignometry Vector
     28-34%   8-12%   25-30%   3-7%   20-25%


Expected contribution from various sections of Physics in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1):

Mechanics & SHMHeat & ThermoWavesProperties of MatterElectrostatics Current ElectricityMagnetismModern PhysicsOpticsPractical Physics
 20-25% 8-10% 5-7% 8-12% 10% 0-4% 5-10% 10-12% 9-13% 5-8%


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  1. Nilesh Raut says

    Sir, thank you for the above weightage analysis.

    I am nios student. i was unaware of jee main. luckily dates got extended and i could take admission.

    now i dont have books and my 12th 50% portion is done. which books should i refer and at what topics should i concentrate to score, as less time is left.

    2nd problem is that my nios exams too are in april.

    3rd while filling up form i was unable to enter my roll no.( which i have already got). even after board was selected and every details was filled up. is it because of open schooling board? and it says 40% weightage of board marks so how will they get my marks when i cant enter my roll no. please explain whole process of 40:60 ratio till my admission to engg college.

  2. lokesh says

    Hi Nilesh,

    I would strongly recommend you to go by the expected weightage of the topics as per given in the post. Refer standard books alone. Moreover, as you don’t have much time, so religiously give more time to the topics with more weightage.
    Managing both the exams will be a tough task for you though, but don’t lose hope. Go with proper Time Management and study accordingly.
    Actually, for JEE Main 2014, the overall rank will be given to the students on the basis of All India Ranks calculated with the JEE main 2014 Scores and normalized marks of Class XII in the ratio 60:40. This is the crux of the this concept.

    For quick queries/answers to your questions, please feel free to ask us here: http://community.engistan.com/forums/jee-mains-advance.12/

  3. hyma says

    sir, i want the cutoff rank for the nit’s. i googled for it many times but i couldnt find it anywhere! sir could you plese help me out with the approximate rank range for the 2014 jee mains exam?

  4. Shruti A says

    This information is really helpful for us to get prepared for our jee mains!
    Sir, may I know the weightage of marks of mathematics in the JEE MAIN- B.Arch paper please?

  5. Alekhya Atluri says

    Im unable to do anything.. im tensed.. im from andhra pradesh.. my board xams are from 13 march nd will end on 27th march.. sugest me the way to clear jee main. I just want you to give me the details what important topics i need to practise so that i can clear jee mains..
    Hope you respond as early as posible..

  6. mohd imran says

    sir..i m also a student belong to those student who takes more tention than doing …..i want to ask is any 1 elligible to conduct jee main if an accident occur wid him as he couldnot attend 12 class exam in march 2014 but complete it in 2015 .and what percentage should be needed in 12 to get attend in jee main.

    • Anonymous says

      If you are not able to give 2014 Boards you cannot sit in JEE mains. JEE mains requires a passing percentage in qualifying exam ( 12th boards in this case ).
      Any percentage of marks will do but your rank will improve a lot if you score atleast 90%+ in class 12th as 40% weightage is given to 12th marks also.

  7. shashi bhushan says

    the highest average marks obtained in CBSE board is almost 98% but in BSEB board it is just 84-86%.
    It means there is unequality in boards.Then how a weightage of 40% will added to the marks of mains exams.From this process of selection,the students of BSEB boards and other boards where the marks are not obtained as BSEB board will always came after the students of BSEB board.It also means that the aspirants for jee mains has to select CBSE board for better rank!
    please say something about this,i am too tensed due to this process because i am a student of bseb board and what will the safe rank for nit for a general category student if the student got 80% marks in bseb board exams of 12th.

    • N Sesha Sai Kumar says

      Dear Bhushan

      Just follow this example : The cost of a burger in US is about $1. In India it is about Rs. 50. i.e., $ 1 in US = Rs. 50 in India. If we have to spend Rs. 3000 here, US $ required are only 60. The variation is only in numericals but they are equivalent. In the same way, as per your data, 98% in CBSE is equivalent to 86% in BSEB. So 1st rank in CBSE for 98% = 1st rank in BSEB for 86%.

      Now I think you got it clear. No need to get tensed. You do your job perfectly right. Try to score a good percentage so that even after normalization you do deserve a good rank.

      I anticipate your good performance.

  8. PK says

    if any candidate scored 65 % in std 12th hsc board exams 2013-14 (Maharashtra State Board).
    so, how much he should score in Jee mains 2014 for taking admission in Computer Branch. in better colleges of pune.

    Hope U will reply me on my given Email Id

    sir plzzzz help

  9. Ashutosh says

    Sir if i get 50%+(average) in Board Exams but i fail to score 50+ in Physics or Chemistry then will i be eligible for Jee Main?

  10. neha says

    sir is solving previous year papers enough to clear cut off in jee mains??
    only 10 days left? what should be the strategy now?

    • xxx says

      oh come on neha!! this isnt ipe exm dat u plan on gng thrugh last year qstn paprz to clear it off…chck d weightage nd go thrugh d cncptz of doz cncpts frst whch hv mre weightage…one most imp thng is fear…courage matrz more dan talnt smetyms…dnt frgt it…gud luck….by d way…im nt smeone too older dan u to giv u des sugstns…evn im dng my 12th nw…so chill..evry one’s gng thrugh d sme phse nw…

    • N Sesha Sai Kumar says

      Go through the sample computer based online exams ( 4 in number ) in the link provided here


      See, every exam has its own cons and pros. According to CBSE Board, JEE Mains should carry atleast 35% of NCERT based questions. This amounts to 35/100 * 360 = 126 marks / 4 = 30 questions overall. So, 10 questions minimum from each subject will be right from NCERT books itself. So stay cool. Go through 2009 to 2013 QP’s and lol! you can observe some questions given in the same way, particularly, in chemistry like from solid state, tests for carbohydrates, isomerism both in organic and co-ord. chem, etc.,. In mathematics regarding matrices, statistics, prob., 3D, Vectors, [x] related any problems etc.,. also the same in physics.
      So, do your preparation smartly. You are done. Gettings marks in JEE Mains is rather simple now a days.
      For further guidance do ring me up 8 143 66 2012 (Vijayawada, AP ).

  11. Manisha says

    sir plz can u tell me the important chapters for jee-mains just for geting about 125-140 marks in mains as because i hav exam on 11th and there is a lot to prepare and my parents are expecting too much from me.. and I don want to let them down . hope you are understanding my problem..
    pl reply as soon as possible.. I’l b greatful for your kind help..

    • guna says

      don”t worry comfortably and relaxly read all the concepts given by your teachers.if there is a dout about any concept quickly ask teachers. dont tell your parents that you can achieve 140 marks
      simply say iwill get the mains thats enough

  12. vikash kumar sahu says

    Can anyone tell me : is there any concepts required in physics for jee mains or only formula based questions they will ask?

    • N Sesha Sai Kumar says

      Dear Sahu,

      I advice you to go through the way how the questions are asked in Physics from 2009 to 2013 QP’s, fiit jee or any other site along with solutions. You will observe that apart from 3 – 4 questions which require higher order thinking skills rest of the paper is simply the concepts asked in a different way from CBSE regular Board paper. The same concept asked in one year may differ slightly the next year but to recognise it you need to first understand the question. The questions are just like magic. Everything lies in the question. Understanding the question is very important. 40% of the questions are formula based, 40% are graph based, concept based, skill based, 20% are HOTs.

      Do prepare smartly. Avoid tension. Dont refer to too many books. HC Verma is good but not as much as your NCERT books.

  13. mansi birla says

    sir i have filled both paper 1 & 2 in my application form but now m not prepared for the 2nd paper. so now i need to know that what if i do not give the 2nd paper but only the first.. & what will happen if i giv the 2nd paper but get failed in the same.. i m in huge confusion.. dis is my 2nd aattempt for the jee main..

  14. lokesh says

    iwant to know about the cuttoffs ranking for niit.sir please tell me the various topic of modern physics.how to study for pratical phy.please tell me fast as i am having my iit exam dayafter tomarrow

  15. rohit says

    Sir i am student from ap board.
    My quetion is will they consider 1st year aggregate with 2nd year or only 2nd year inter marks?
    And my second quetion is . I am going 2 attempt jee mains on 11 will d toughness of quetion paper be the ssame as offline paper ot it gets varied …. An will the weightage of the topics in offline will be same in onlne paper ???

  16. anurag kumar says

    mam i m expecting around 200 marks in jee mains 2014 and 83% in cbse .so can i get any good college for mechanical engineering. i belong to obc category. please do reply.

  17. Ananya says

    thnku for the weightage of diff. chapters.
    but sir as i heard that from year 2015..
    the 2 exams would be merged…
    so now can uh telll that cummulative exact weightage
    so that according to it we study that hard ..
    i am an iit aspirant ..will be giving exam in 2015.
    there is a great confusion in indian minds .
    plz help !

  18. nikki says

    sir, I appeared for both paper in Jee main. can I still get accepted if I pass only in one of the two paper. please help me here. I’m confuse. and its taking a toll on me.

  19. nikki says

    sir, I appeared for both paper in Jee
    main. can I still get accepted if I
    pass only in one of the two paper.
    please help me here. I’m confuse.
    and its taking a toll on me.
    Your comment is awaiting

  20. Visisht says

    I’m a student of Andhra Pradesh…can u please tell which marks are considered for jee main…that is inter 2nd year or inter 1st and 2nd year?

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