GATE 2014 candidate experience and Analysis

Based on student test experiences in the streams of IN, CE and CH on 2nd February, 2014GATE 2014 Analysis

  • Questions with numerical answers accounted for 40-50 % of the paper. Hence you cannot guess your way through the paper. General Ability section also has such questions.
  • In the papers of the past, there used  to be some questions which could be solved by eliminating the wrong options. But with an increase in the “numerical answer” type questions, this method of problem solving takes a backseat.
  • With the high occurrence of “numerical answer” type questions, one has to be thorough and careful with unit conversions so as to type in the correct answer. Earlier, the four options more or less served as guidelines.
  • Among general ability questions, probability accounted  for around  3-4 marks with  one question each from Data Interpretation, logical reasoning and critical reasoning.
  • Engineering Mathematics questions were tough compared to the previous year. There were no direct questions.
  • There were direct questions from few of topics. And some of questions needed concept of two topics to solve them. Such were tough to solve. Scoring sections in IN were Networks, Control Systems and Analog Circuits. These could be the scoring sections in the upcoming ECE papers too.
  • The sequence of questions was different for each candidate i.e. no two candidates will have same sequence of questions.
  • There were no “Common Data” and “Linked” questions in the papers we analyzed.
  • Some papers wrongly mentioned a penalty for a wrong answer to  a “numerical type” question. This was later corrected through an announcement by the invigilators.
  • According to the latest info from IIT Kharagpur, the marks of candidates appearing in EC, CS, EE, ME and CE will be normalized across the multiple sessions. This means that whether the paper in a particular session is easy or tough will not matter in the overall scheme of things.

Source: Gateforum

Candidate experience:

  • Paper was tough as compared to the other question paper.
  • It includes written answer type questions which are tough and tricky.
  • Previous year questions were not helping.
  • Only basic concept of the subject matter.
  • Two or three subject concepts were mixed and one question was made. So don’t leave any subject.

By: Shivam Prakasham

Im vasu dev pursuing civil engg. coming to the point the GATE exam that was conducted yesterday is easy. its like writing the semister exams. everyone those who prepared to attempt will be satisfied & also those who worked hard to crack the gate will be satisfied. As 33% of the questions were not having negative marks I am able to attempt most of the questions without worrying. I know dat i wont get a rocking rank as i didnt prepare for it seriously. But as far as my preparation is considered I am satisfied with my attempt. Good Luck

By: vasu dev

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  1. anonymous says

    can anybody predict what is rank in instrumentation at 41 marks this year or at 648 score? can i get any iit or top nit with that score?

  2. anonymous says

    hi everyone… i have gate score 648 (instrumentation) valid from previous year… and i am general. Corresponding rank this year for same rank is around 140… please tell me if i have any chance to get admission in any of the iits (old or new) or any top nits in electricals… please share..

  3. abhishek says

    what is the rank for score 554 this year in IN paper??? please help guys… suggest any iit’s if under reach??

    • anonymous says

      thanks abhishek…. according to new formula some1 with marks 36 should have secured 554 score.. rank may be around 300 for score 554…. just a guess..

      • Souvik says

        Hi anonymous,

        My gate score is 514 in IN paper and my category is OBC. do I have any chance in any iits.

        • anonymous says

          sorry Souvik your score seems low for iits … (even new iits put heavy cutoff score because they dont invite many for writtn or interview)… but you have good chances in nits… nits are not too behind iits.

          • anonymous says

            go for them… bt top ranked nits are no less than iits at least in placement… people often join nit warangal trichy even when they get admission in iits so their cutoff is very high… bt nevertheless u should try..

    • anonymous says

      dude ur score is very good.. congrats… as far as i know iisc is difficult to get at least u wll hav to manage outstanding performance in their written test and interview…. u definitely have good chances in iits… apply in all iits.. go for nits counselling as well… best of luck

  4. Baskar says

    Hi everyone, my gate score is 624 (electrical).(OBC)……… there any chance for new iits or nit trichy

  5. abc says

    Guys what should one prefer low specialisations of iits or good specialisations of nits etc? n what are the other good options for mtech except iits and nits?

    • anonymous says

      i have similar question as my score is 648 and i am general so dnt knw if i can get any iit or not…. but i thnk low specializations of iits are good if u r interested otherwise nits are good choice..

  6. abc says

    do u think specialisation like biomed,bio science,transportation,some manufacturing etc have use in future as far as jobs are concerned?.n what about mtech in dce n other similar collges?

  7. anonymous says

    can anybody tell me if gate cutoff score of nits and iits are going to increase or decrese or remain somewhat constant as were in previous year… keeping in mind that gate score formula has changed….

  8. anonymous says

    and do other gate candidates of previous year in other than instrumentation have seen increment in their score from previous year scorecard?.. if yes then how much…

  9. ashish rastogi says

    sir my gate score 369 n rank is 23654 n marks are 30. plz tel me wat can i do ..
    in which sector can i hire a job ..which may be private ..
    i m so much confused ..
    i want to do job ..

  10. sanath says

    I got gate score 649 in mechanical. Rank 3056..will I get admission in nit trichy for non. Destructive testing..

  11. says

    Hey.. I’m getting a score of 56/100 in instrumentation. Is it an average score? I heard this years gate was very easy.
    Can you predict what rank I will get?

  12. tanmoy adhikary says

    My predicted marks is around 60. I am from ME branch GEN category can I get any PSU or IIT. Please reply…..

  13. kaya says

    I m getting 55 marks in gate 2015 31jan afternoon session can you tell which rank and how much score I can expect. Cats: general

  14. aman says

    What is my expected rank in mechanical gate 2015 with around 63-65 exam was on 1 feb afternoon session.

  15. purushottam says

    I am getting 58.08 marks(ME) gate score 617 ranks 5628 I have sc reservation ,can i receive call from any psu tell me plz

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